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Unnati Apple Full Orchard

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310,000.00 GST

Under Unnati Scheme following Varieties are available-:

250 Imported Quarantine Apple Plants(5+ Feather)

Drip Irrigation System UV Mulch Sheet

Coca Cola India partnered with Indo Dutch Horticulture Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (IDHT) as its Implementation Partner of Project Apple- Unnati in Uttarakhand. The Project Apple Unnati aims at increasing apple productivity in India, especially in the State of Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh, by bringing global best practices primarily focusing on ultra-high-density plantation (UHDP), leading to substantial increase in quality, productivity and profitability per unit of land, hence significantly increasing farmers income. It would also act as a catalyst to help India in achieving self-sufficiency in apple production. Under this scheme included:-

  1. 250 Imported Quarantine Apple Plants(5+ Feather)
  2. Drip Irrigation System for 250 Plants (15 meter 40mm main line pipe+ 16mm Inline for 250 plants+ 1 water filter+ 1 Air Valve + 1 Opening Wall)
  3. Perforated UV Mulch Sheet for weed control & Humidity (230 Meter)
  4. full trellis system on GI Pipe with 4-wire & all fixtures
  5. Anti hailnet top cover with all fixtures & clutchers.
  6. Plant clips (Two in One Plant) UV Stabalized
  7. Mesh Wire Boundary for 250 Plants
  8. Installation of Full trellis system (Excluding Plantation, Mulch sheet installation)

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High Density Apple Plants Nursery

We Indodutch are one of the leading producers of quality planting materials of various Apple Plant for the Global & Indian markets. Apart from bringing a variety of Dutch horticulture expertise and technology to India.

Ultra High-Density (UHDP) Imported Quarantine Apple plant in Uttarakhand Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir with quality and reasonable price, We have 18 years, experience of in raising nurseries and making the plants reach international quality standards.

We are delighted to inform that we have successfully developed highly quality feather Apple fruit trees in India meeting International standards & specifications and are exact copies of the Import trees. 

800+ Subsidies

2000+ Orchards

8+ Varieties

1000+ Trainings

Plants Success Rate

High Density Plant vs Traditional Plant


High Density Plant 

  1. Plant Population 1000-1500 plants per 1 acre
  2. Fruiting starts after 2 years
  3. One-form spray and proper hailnet cover are possible
  4. Fruit Yield Average production – 20,000 kg per acre
  5. Market Price Farmers get double the price of traditional
  6. Possible income of Rs 10-20 lakh per acre
michael-diane-weidner-tiPQCmdALWs-unsplash (1)

Traditional Plant

  1. 100-150 plants per acre
  2. Fruiting starts from the 6th year
  3. One-form spray and proper hailnet cover are not possible
  4. Average production = 6000 kg per acre
  5. Farmers get about Rs. Only Rs 50/kg is available
  6. 2 to 3 lakh per acre per year

Possible Productivity and Income

Productivity per Plant (from 250 plants)

First-year 0-1 kg/plant

Kg Apple Approx

Second year 2-3 kg/plant 

Kg Apple Approx

4th year 8-10 kg per plant

Kg Apple Approx

5th year 12-15 kg per plant

Kg Apple Approx

6th year 15-20 kg per plant

Kg Apple Approx

Our Services


System that deliver water to the plants.


To keep the fruit off the ground and erect cultivars


Protect your fields from cows, sheep and other animals


Stopping hail fall on your crops which can cause major damage to your crops