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Project apple Unnati

CCIPL partnered with Indo Dutch Horticulture Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (IDHT) as its Implementation Partner of Project Apple- Unnati in Uttarakhand. The Project Apple Unnati aims at increasing apple productivity in India, especially in the State of Uttarakhand, by bringing global best practices primarily focusing on ultra-high-density plantation (UHDP), leading to substantial increase in quality, productivity and profitability per unit of land, hence significantly increasing farmers income. It would also act as a catalyst to help India in achieving self-sufficiency in apple production

250 Imported Quarantine UHDP Apple Plant 


Drip Irrigation SystemMulch Sheet

Total Price INR 1,20,000 Only For 5+ Feather Plants INR 1,45,000 Only For 7+ Feather Plants
Coca Cola India Pvt. Ltd

Coca cola story-Indo-Dutch

Coca cola story-Indo-Dutch has partnered with coca Cola India Pvt. Ltd. for the Unnati Apple initiative to improve farm productivity and quality thereby leading to higher farmer Income Under the program we provide financial and technical assistance to farmers to establish modern @DHP apple orchards of highest global standard. All the components for establishment of apple orchards are subsidized for the farmers to help in early adoption This is a way of showing gratitude to the farmers of the nation by recognize their contribution in helping India move towards nutritional security. Till now with Coca Cola we have established 200 orchards in farmers field and have undertaken add liona target of establishing 1000 more orchards in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

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Farmers Training – UHDP Apple

“Our organization has been conducted training to various hill farmers on different subjects like floriculture, Vegetables. Apple
UHDP orchard cultivation being one of them in our early years of initial trials since 2011 onwards and invited and trained a lot
of Hill farmers also from various NGOS, Like Upasak, Chirag, Nabard etc for the delivery of Apple Plant Material and
practical Know-how Training”

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