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Indo-dutch Horticulture

High Density Plants Nursery

           We are one of the leading producers of quality planting materials of various Flower Bulbs & Fruit Trees for the Global & Indian markets. Apart from bringing a variety of Dutch horticulture expertise and technology to India, we are pushing the boundaries by using India’s economical land and labor rates to produce superior planting material at competitive price. We are delighted to inform that we have successfully developed highly quality feather Apple fruit trees in India meeting International standards & specifications and are exact copies of the Import trees. As desired, we hereby agree to offer the Desired Varieties From a Reputed Genuine Source in the Netherlands, with Root Stocks should be having a diameter at least 4 mm, with a well-developed fibrous, and other specifications as desired by you.

What we Provide

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High Density Apple Plantation​

Project "Apple Unnati" is a Joint Initiative of Coca-Cola India & Indo-Dutch Horticulture Technologies (Technical Partners) for the Development & Enhancement of Apple production in Uttarakhand and helping hill farmers to move from traditional system to new modern system of Ultra-High Density (UHDP) Apple Cultivation System under Unnati Apple Program, for Farmers of Uttarakhand.

Mega Infrastructure

There is adequate infrastructure available to graft, process, and handle 500,000 plants for an entire season. This helps to grow numerous plants in a very limited space.

International Collaborations

By collaborating with companies based in the Netherlands and Italy, we have increased our chances of growing more efficient plants. Our international partnerships have also allowed us to import top-notch root stocks for our plant cultivation.

Empowering Farmers

We empower apple farmers with knowledge and infrastructure to improve their yields. Our workshops cover planting, fertilizing, pest control, pruning, and harvesting. We provide irrigation systems, storage facilities, and market access. With our support, farmers can grow healthier trees and increase their profitability. We're making a positive impact on the lives of apple farmers.

Helping Indian Economy

One of our ways to support the Indian economy is by providing farmers with infrastructure, knowledge, and subsidies. This initiative has received support from organizations such as Coca-Cola India and various government agencies.

Project Unnati Apple Subsidy Benefits

Coca cola story-Indo-Dutch has partnered with Goca Cola India Pvt. Ltd. for the Unnati Apple initiative to improve farm productivity and quality thereby leading to higher farmer Income Under the program we provide financial and technical assistance to farmers to establish modern @DHP apple orchards of highest global standard. All the components for establishment of apple orchards are subsidized for the farmers to help in early adoption This is a way of showing gratitude to the farmers of the nation by recognize their contribution in helping India move towards nutritional security. Till now with Coca Cola we have established 200 orchards in farmers field and have undertaken add liona target of establishing 1000 more orchards in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Apple Plant Varieties

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