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Unnati Apple

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Under Unnati Scheme following Varieties are available-:

  1. Gala Mema 16316
  2. Gala Schiniga Schinico
  3. Gala Schiniga Schinico Red
  4. Devil Gala
  5. Gala Star
  6. Scarlet Spur
  7. Kingrot
  8. Mema Mestar
  9. Jeromine
  10. Golden Parsi
  11. Granny Smith

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Coca Cola India partnered with Indo Dutch Horticulture Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (IDHT) as its Implementation Partner of Project Apple- Unnati in Uttarakhand. The Project Apple Unnati aims at increasing apple productivity in India, especially in the State of Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh, by bringing global best practices primarily focusing on ultra-high-density plantation (UHDP), leading to substantial increase in quality, productivity and profitability per unit of land, hence significantly increasing farmers income. It would also act as a catalyst to help India in achieving self-sufficiency in apple production. Under this scheme included:-

  1. 250 Imported Quarantine Apple Plants(5+ Feather)
  2. Drip Irrigation System for 250 Plants (15 meter 40mm main line pipe+ 16mm Inline for 250 plants+ 1 water filter+ 1 Air Valve + 1 Opening Wall)
  3. Perforated UV Mulch Sheet for weed control & Humidity (230 Meter)


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