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Apple Youth

🍎  Apple Youth Scheme! 🍎

Eligibility: Are you between 18-25 years old and passionate about Agri Start-up? 🌱 Embrace the spirit of growth with our revolutionary “Apple Youth” scheme, specially crafted for the dynamic youth of Uttarakhand state.

Agri land Requirement: Only 3 Nali

🌳 Grow your Future: Receive 150 apple plants(Imported Quarantine 5+ Feather Plants) , your gateway to a thriving orchard, right at your doorstep.

💧 Smart Irrigation: Our package includes a cutting-edge drip irrigation system, conserving water while ensuring your plants flourish.

🏞 Connect with Nature: Embrace sustainability, learn about agriculture, and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

🎓 Youth Exclusive: For just INR 75,000, this scheme is exclusively designed for Uttarakhand’s young adults.

Join us in nurturing nature, fostering growth, and sowing the seeds of change.