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Imported Quarantine Apple Plant

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Under Unnati Scheme following Varieties are available-:

  1. Gala Mema 16316
  2. Gala Schiniga Schinico
  3. Gala Schiniga Schinico Red
  4. Devil Gala
  5. Gala Star
  6. Scarlet Spur
  7. Kingrot
  8. Mema Mestar
  9. Jeromine
  10. Golden Parsi
  11. Granny Smith
  12. T-Rex Gala
  13. Gala Beddin

For over 18 years, we have been pioneers in HDP apple plantation system in India. We have consistently worked on improving the quality of our produce and have managed to reach new limits in terms of technological advancements and customer satisfaction.


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