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Cut - Flower Production Project

Establish for Farmers  

For, Growers  - Entrepreneurs  -  Investors

Turn Key Project Development.

There are various components involved in the success of any floriculture, like quality and selection of panting material, the knowledge about growing a particular crop, the type of infrastructure a product would require at different location, the management of the project, the marketing of the produce, which ultimately decide the  success of the venture.

We at IDHT, tries to offer such integrated package with our experience to offer all the above components at a single roof. The Package involved various phases of establishments which are as follows:


Information Gathering

In this stage we gather all kind of information about the client like his expectations from the investments, his experience, various advantages & threats, level of risk, budget and the most important the metrological data of the proposed location.

All the above information gathered, help us to develop the best proposal for his investments..

Product Selection

After a thoughtful understanding of the clients requirement and the location where he intend to setup the proposed project, the product is selected and a production plan is formulated, keeping in mind the market trend.

Financial Supportive schemes

Once the product & the product size is finalized, the team also formulates the project so that the project gets and additional support from the on going government supportive financial's schemes.

This way the level of risk involved get minimized and the project turns our to be a successful venture..

Project Formulation Stage morbi

Green House Establishment

As per the blue-print developed together with the client, the company in-house  fabrication team constructs and erects the green house within stipulated time period.

The team is well informed about type of green house required for the proposed crop so that all the cultivation requirement is fulfilled, with minimal energy costs.

Product Specific Training

This is one of the crucial prior to supply of the Planting Material. In this stage a product specific &  practical oriented training is provided to the clients or his management team.

The training is like a crash-course which give a better understanding about the proposed product, followed by a strict evaluation program necessary to be clear in order to receive the planting material from the company.

Planting Material

Planting material is the heart of the project. The quality and purity of the Planting material ensures the success of the project.

The company ensure to deliver the quality and save the clients from any risk involved due to low quality planting material.

Project Establishment morbi

DPR (Detail Project Report)  

This is the final stage of the formulation of the project.

In this stage, all the information about the project, it promoter, the product, infrastructure, time-frame etc, gathered is  consolidated and documented along with the financial viability from the chartered accountant.

This way the clients gets a blue-print on how to proceed with his project, which in turn is also helpful for the Bank.


Crop Monitoring & Marketing Support

This is the after sale service offered by the client, where the company tries to offer regular crop-monitoring & market support to ensure high returns from his investments.


Farmer of Village Chaffi, Installed a Green house of 100 Total investment of Rs. 1 lakh. He Planted 3000 lilium bulbs out of which he produce more than 2800 A grade spoke and made sales of Rs. 64700/- in once crop within 3 months.  

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Hon. Governor of Uttarakhand

“I have enjoyed my visit to this project. It has been an educative experience. The potential for expansion of these activities is tremendous. I congratulate Shri Sudhir Chadha, SIDCUL and all the stakeholders in this pioneering Project and wish them every Success.”