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Research & Development is the back-bone of the project, which aims in testing all kinds of varieties, new crops. Our green houses for such R&D works are climate control for testing any crop with specific growing conditions.

The company has all kind of Imported Machinery for processing all kinds of Flower bulbs. The facility has a capacity to store, force and process more than 30 million bulbs.

The computer controlled cold rooms are designed to maintain temperature range from -10 to +25 to store all kind of flower bulbs and maintain temperature log at given interval and trigger alarms at desired time.

The tissue culture laboratory is the integral part of the system which is used to develop identical clones for maintain the genetic purity of the desired crop/variety. At the moment we have a capacity of aprox 10 millions plantlet's and expanding.

Bulb Processing

Cold Rooms

R & D Houses


Training facility is developed within the campus with the aim to give an exposure and training program on various crop by audio-visual & hands on practical training. We have a boarding facility for 50 farmers at a time.

Training  Processing


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Hon. Governor of Uttarakhand

“I have enjoyed my visit to this project. It has been an educative experience. The potential for expansion of these activities is tremendous. I congratulate Shri Sudhir Chadha, SIDCUL and all the stakeholders in this pioneering Project and wish them every Success.”