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Custom made Green houses for

Tropical & Temperate Crops  

Green House Establishment

“Greenhouses allow farmers to grow many different kinds of crops in climates that may not be hospitable. The development of greenhouse farming techniques has generally resulted in more overall food for the whole world and helped to reduce world hunger problems. It’s also been helpful in allowing people to buy almost any fruit or vegetable at their local grocers, regardless of whether the food is out of season”

Apart fromt the development of Planting Material, our company is also engaged in the business of designing and frabricating all type of Green Houses. Our production & fabricating team works together to ensure that the green house is desinged in a way whcih minimises the energy  and the cultivation costs.

Keeping the locational parametner we constuct Climate Control Green House, Natural Vantilaed Green Houses, Mist-chambers, Shade-net houses in India on substantial scale.

We have our own in-house  Green House fabrication team developed & trained under the guidance of Mr. Sudhir Chadha.



For, Round the Year Production

A fan-and-pad based greenhouse is provide a controlled growing environment for growing speciality crops and plants. Special-purpose fans to draw air into the greenhouse through high-efficiency cooling pads made from high surface area ribbons of cellulose fibre. Humidity is controlled by an elaborate system of foggers.

Fertigation is implemented by an efficient drip-irrigation system.

The temperature and humidity can be controlled to provide the exact growing environment required for plants that grow in temperate regions.

This type of greenhouse is ideal for growing nursery plants. Plants grown for nursery propagation have to be provided with a very specific environment.

Nursery plants are very valuable and need extreme care during the early stages of


For, Natural Protected Cultivation

A natural ventilated greenhouse is used to provide a suitable environment to plants

It is very economical to run and maintain. It is reasonably priced and easily affordable by most growers. The height of the green house and the ventilators provided on top of the greenhouse help to maintain temperature and humidity.

Plants that are commonly grown in these greenhouses are carnation, gerbera, rose, coloured capsicum, cucumber, cherry tomato, and so on.



for Hardening Young Plants

Shade houses are structures used for sheltering plants that are tender to high intensity of sun heat. Such structures also help in warding off birds and rodents that devour seed and germinating embryos.  Protect the seedlings from desiccating winds.

Very useful for germinating small seeds and placing pricked material which needs partial watering & may be fitted with micro sprinklers for fast & uniform irrigation of plants.

The shade house serves a variety of other useful purposes and a host of operations are performed under its roof like seed sowing, pricking, hardening of rooted cuttings, etc. Shade houses also help in reducing frequency of irrigation and effect economy in water use.

Shade houses should be well ventilated, their doors and windows be kept open when nescesary so that can circulate.

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Hon. Governor of Uttarakhand

“I have enjoyed my visit to this project. It has been an educative experience. The potential for expansion of these activities is tremendous. I congratulate Shri Sudhir Chadha, SIDCUL and all the stakeholders in this pioneering Project and wish them every Success.”

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