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Indo-Dutch Horticulture Technologies (p) Ltd.
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Certified ISO 9001-2008 : +91-89 589 84 919 : info@indodutch.com
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About us

We are one of the leading producer of quality planting material of various Flower Bulbs & Fruit Trees for Global & Indian Market.

Apart from bringing a variety of Dutch horticulture expertise and technology to India, we are pushing the boundaries by using India's economical land and labour rates to produce superior planting material at competitive price.

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Flower bulbs

Fruit Trees

Apple, Cherry, Walnut
Flower bulbs

Tissue Culture

Zantedeschia, Orchids, Gerbera, Lilium
Flower bulbs

Project Development

Green House, Subsidy, DPR, Marketing
Gladiolus, Lilium, Zantedeschia, Tulips

Flower Bulbs

Indo-Dutch  Horticulture Technologies (p) Ltd.

P.O Chaffi, Bhimtal, Distt-Nainital

Uttarakhand, India


M : +91-8958984919

Fax: +91-11-66173624

email: info@indodutch.com

Web : www.indodutch.com


Hon. Governor of Uttarakhand

“I have enjoyed my visit to this project. It has been an educative experience. The potential for expansion of these activities is tremendous. I congratulate Shri Sudhir Chadha, SIDCUL and all the stakeholders in this pioneering Project and wish them every Success.”